Samus Aran - Super Metroid - Fan Art

Super Metroid - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch (Fan Trailer)

This is an updated version of Samus Aran from the Metroid series. My goal with this redesign was to keep her iconic look while grounding it more in reality. I wanted her suit to actually be wearable by a human and for it to feel more practical than the high metallic looking suit seen in the game series. Metroid finds its largest inspiration in 1980's Sci-fi, specifically the film “Alien” which has a grimy and grungy take on space exploration and that is something I wanted to highlight in this design while also using it to separate her from other interpretations of the character. My thought is that this is Samus at the end of a game after fighting all the baddies and traversing the depths of Brinstar.

I found out while researching the character that her suit is actually biological and not mechanical. I thought to show this through the metal erosion placed all over the surface. I wanted it to look like the armor wasn't made of sheets of metal but out of a type of carbon fiber that could regenerate after sustaining damage. The catch here is that during the course of her journey the technology becomes faulty and fails to completely fix itself.

The biggest change in this revision is her face. The original model had a kind of harrowed older women look to it, that had a kind of appeal, but I am not quite sure what I was going for. Since then I have learned a few things about modeling faces and tried to make her more human looking. I wanted her to look like an average person, like she could be someone you know.

I also tweaked a bunch of materials and textures as well.