Shino Gekki - Cruel

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A Zbrush render after sculpting out some facial detailing.

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A Zbrush render after painting the face.

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Check out his Marmoset Viewer here:

Take a look at his Props in more detail:

This is a character I worked on for about two months. He was a big learning opportunity allowing for me to work on modeling a variety of different things and then having to get familiar with substance painter for the first time for texturing. He also sets the style for my next game project called "Cruel" where in the player controls this character, Shino Gekki, in a Metroidvania Survival Horror Action Game set in an alternate history feudal Japan that's been overwrought by western colonization and a mysterious illness called the Sleeping Disease. I had a lot of fun designing and bringing this character to life and i'm excited to take what i've learned with him and create more for the world of "Cruel".