Colin - Low Poly

METONYMY - Scene 01 "Industrial" | PC

METONYMY - Scene 03 "The Void" | PC

METONYMY - Scene 04 "The Apartment" | PC

This is the primary protagonist for my video game "METONYMY".

Colin finds himself stuck in his life. He’s been in a seven-year relationship with Alexia, a woman he met in college, he works at a job that he fills stunted and confined in, and he often finds himself fantasizing about a new life. A life with a person who he can feel truly loved by. A life where he can explore his creative endeavors. A life where he can feel like he is actually living. He’s come to the decision that, that won’t ever happen. However, you wouldn’t know this from talking to him. He keeps these kind of ideas to himself and puts on a smile and some wit whenever he engages with any one. In the rare instances he shows his true colors, those that are close to him aren’t surprised. They try and consul him as best they can but Colin finds it hard to admit that most of his problems are created by himself.