Evalyeen of Chinmai

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Evalyeen - Turntable

Evalyeen was once the princess of the prosperous and beloved kingdom of Chinmai. However, a series of familial turmoils and a blight ridden world sent the royal family and its subjects into decline. The many wars, rebellions and betrayals set up on Chinmai took their toll on the royal family but perhaps it seems Evalyeen suffered the most. The King of Chinami, her father, Whom she held such a deep fondness for was the root of all of their troubles and abandoned his family many years ago, ultimately leaving Evalyeen alone in a completely abandoned shell of a palace. The years broke down on her and as the kingdom was overthrown her mind went with it. Now that all of her subjects have left or died she remains the lone citizen of the once noteworthy kingdom of Chinmai. Wearing the mantel of her father she still lurks in the halls waiting for her king to come home. Little does she realize that her king is never to return.