Enoch - Low Poly

METONYMY - Scene 05 "The Metatron" | PC

METONYMY - Scene 08 "The Choice" | PC

This is a primary protagonist for my video game "METONYMY".

Enoch is a Messenger of the Ascension, one of the highest ranking sects of the Theocratic government known as The Choir. He was cast out for speaking ill of his fellow children, acting out against the Choir and questioning the Golden voice after bearing witness to the cruelty of Choir guards and the indifference of the citizens as a young woman was beaten in the streets for trying to leave the Choir. His close bond with his savior, The Second Metatron, allowed him to avoid a similar fate. Enoch’s punishment was deemed to be sent out of the city on a sort of pilgrimage where he would be required to find the golden voice for himself and only when the golden voice told him that he could return could he. However, this pilgrimage was more so a death sentence as no one had ever returned.